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Kopyl was visited by journalists and bloggers who are interested in the history of Belarus


Our city, with its rich heritage, became a stopping place for the magazine assault, since Kopyl region local lore museum successfully performed in the Heritage in Action competition organized by the ICOMOS Belarus Bureau.

A total of 98 applications were submitted from 30 cities of Belarus. And one of the awards of the competition is a single presentation of winning projects for magazines and media masters as part of a press tour of places with the best examples of restoration.

During the competition, our countrymen presented in the nomination “The Best Paper Concept of Restoration / Revitalization / Conservation / Re-Adaptation of Architectural Heritage” the project of the exhibition center complex of the historical center of Kopyl, developed by the regional local history museum together with the Belarusian Committee ICOMOS. It provides for the unification of living culture and reality with the cultural heritage that exists in Kopyl. Among the proposals included in the project is the creation on Zamkova Hora a recreational and entertainment complex consisting of “buildings-symbols”, “city of craftsmen”, spring, and fortifications of the 12th century. "Ethnographic Theater" and other objects. The implementation of this project, as its creators believe, will help increase the interest of the city and attract tourists.

It should be noted that the basis of the artistic concept of the project was the images of the faces of Kazimir Malevich and Elena Kish. The regional museum of local lore was awarded a diploma.

The participants of the press tour got acquainted with the museum exposition during the excursion, which was conducted by the senior researcher of the museum Tatiana Vorontsova, walked along the streets of Kopyl, accompanied by the director of the museum Valentina Shurakova. Valentina Leonidovna, as always, enthusiastically told about the past of our city, its famous inhabitants, introduced the main ideas of the competition project.

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