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Soligorsk will take «The Flame of Peace» on June 11


They will meet him in the village of Velikiy Les, then they will lower him to the speleo-hospital, raise 1 RU to the Soligorsk waste heaps, visit the sports and entertainment complex and solemnly carry it from 18.00 along the streets of Zaslonov, Mira, Kozlov to the Central Square of Soligorsk.

“A bright event in Soligorsk will be held in compliance with all safety and public order rules,” assured the deputy head of the ROVD, the head of the public security police, Sergei Solovey. - At the time of the event will be blocked traffic on the streets Zaslonova, Mira, as well as part of Lenin Street (in the area from Zaslonov Street to Zheleznodorozhny Street) from 16.00 to 19.00. He recalled that in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Belarus No. 114-Z “On Mass Events in the Republic of Belarus”, when holding mass events, citizens are obliged to observe public order and fulfill all the legal requirements of the organizers of the meeting of torchbearers, law enforcement officers and members of the public who perform duties on the protection of public order. For security reasons, police officers will inspect citizens who come to the event. In this case all citizens are subject to inspection.

The “Flame of Peace” torch relay is part of the preparations for the II European Games, which Belarus will take in 2019. The final stage will be the introduction of the flame at the opening ceremony of the II European Games on June 21, 2019.

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