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BELAZ promotes products to Indonesia market


BELAZ became the platinum sponsor of the CoalTrans Asia conference, which was held from 23 to 25 June in Nusa Dua (Indonesia). The Belarusian manufacturer of quarry equipment was presented at the exhibition by the official dealer in Southeast Asia - the company Belazia Pte. Ltd.

With the participation of the management of OJSC BELAZ, issues of cooperation with key and potential partners, industry leaders in this region of the world and government representatives were discussed, and agreements were reached on meetings in an extended format to further elaborate options for cooperation.

In the course of the rich plenary part of the forum, among many other topics, the relevance and advantages of the transition from the use of BELAZ dump trucks with a carrying capacity of 90 tons to 130 tons were considered. This issue was discussed by a dealer company with leading companies in Indonesia - Bukit Asam Tbk, PT., Banpu, PT., Thiess Contractors, Bis, LG International, RPM Global and many others.

BELAZ began its presence in Indonesia in 2012. And if at first it was a mining dump truck of 45 and 55 tons, then in 2016 it was already supplying 110-tonne Belarusian quarrymen, and in the spring of 2018 - 130-tonne BELAZs. The interests of the company since 2011 in this region of Southeast Asia are represented by the dealer company BELAZIA PTE.Ltd.

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