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Press tour for journalists held in Minsk region


Representatives of regional mass media in the Minsk region visited significant sites, highly productive enterprises and the most beautiful places in the Stolbtsy district: a press tour for journalists was organized by the regional executive committee.

The guests were impressed by the high level of leisure organization with health benefits and sports training in the children's and youth sports school in Stolbtsy. As the director of the institution, Roman Kuznetsov, said, a 25-meter pool with 5 lanes is in demand among the population. Demand for fitness, martial arts, table tennis, billiard. For the 2018/2019 school year, 6 first-class athletes and 150 mass-level athletes were trained in the school, three were enrolled in higher organizations, another 6 are now at the preparatory stage for enrollment.

Visited by journalists and high-tech production of processing potatoes into flakes LLC Sula Plus. Modern equipment is installed here, and preparations are underway to start production. 53 workplaces have already been created, and after commissioning the facility, the number of employees will increase to 105.

Finished products are planning to ship for export to countries near and far abroad. The amount of investment in the construction of the enterprise amounted to more than 21 million Belarusian rubles.

The journalists got acquainted with the work of the “Freore Refrigeration” JLLC, which for 9 years has remained the leading enterprise of Belarus in the field of industrial cold. It was founded in 2010 on the Belarusian-Lithuanian project. The company successfully develops and manufactures refrigeration equipment for various types of retail facilities: low-temperature freezing and refrigerated display cases, refrigerated shelves, display cases, etc.

Modern innovative technologies implemented in production allow producing energy-saving products that are in high demand in Belarus and are also exported to the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and the Czech Republic.

Fascinating sound of the organ ... So met the participants of the press tour of the Roman Catholic parish of St. Joseph in the agro-town of Rubezhevichi. The church is listed in the state list of historical and cultural values. It was built in 1907-1911. in the style of the time. The idea of ​​building was submitted by Anthony Tour, but he did not receive permission from the king to implement his idea. Then Anthony brought the largest stone from the field, wrote on it that a Catholic church of the Roman Catholic faith would be built here, and laid it on a sandy hill. The plot for construction in 6 acres was donated by peasants of the Rubezhevich volost, then the fundraising and its construction began. They built a church of hewn stone.

Today it attracts tourists with its greatness. In 2006, the church celebrated its 100th anniversary. To this significant date, an ensemble of stones was created near the temple. The 46 installed stones symbolize the 46 villages of the parish, the name of the village is carved on each stone.

The State List of Historical and Cultural Values ​​of the Republic of Belarus includes manor buildings of the complex in the village of Sula. The uniqueness of this place was also appreciated by journalists of the Minsk region.

The guests plunged into the gentry culture of the 18th-19th centuries with its theatrical and musical traditions, visited the park-museum of the interactive history “Sula”, working in timeline mode.

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