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Young artists from Krupki became the winners of the contest "The Red Cross. I see good"


Annual Belarusian Red Cross Society holds drawing contest for children, in which children participate with joy, not only comments from Belarus and other countries.

This year's competition was held under the name "Red Cross. I see good "and the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Convention of 1949 was dedicated. This competition even for children, but by no means reveals the children's theme helps to tell people about the values ​​and principles set out in the Convention. Become participants were students from Belarus, Bulgaria, Denmark, Switzerland, Poland and the Ukraine in age from 6 to 17 years.

For this purpose it was necessary to prepare a drawing dedicated to one of their competitive nomination: "The Red Cross in the Republic of Belarus and the world", "Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement", "Humanity in the modern world." The second consecutive year, the winners of the competition - the young artists of Krupki. At this year's regional stage of the competition they have sent about 10 children's drawings, which in bright colors and impressive stories embody the fundamental principles of the Red Cross activities - good and mercy. All in all, participate in competitions with more than 400 works.

Each work is evaluated not only comment to the Belarusian Red Cross, but also professional artists, an art teacher and other invited experts. This year, the young artist from Krupki Olga Vilyuha received the Diploma for a victory in the nomination "The humanity in the modern world." Congratulations girls get in a festive atmosphere on stage Krupskaya children's art school. Chairman of the regional organization of the Belarusian Society of the Red Cross Elena Smirnova gave her a diploma and gifts. For the contest Olga draw a picture, which depicts a nurse to help wounded soldiers during the First World War, the broken plane, burning buildings, soldiers and military equipment.

Olga drew a long, carefully thinking through every detail. Even I had to learn in detail what kind of clothes was at that time the soldiers, what technique to do it was clear that in the figure the First World War. The figure girl has invested part of his soul, and it is immediately noticeable. The following year, Olga will take part in the competition again to its work on the example of the volunteers and professionals of the Red Cross to show how important it is to do good and help people.

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