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Plans for more Belarusian components in Geely-based electric car


Scientists intend to start step-by-step replacement of components in the first Belarusian electric car with Belarusian ones by the end of the year, BelTA learned from Aleksandr Belevich, Head of the R&D center Electromechanical and Hybrid Power Units of Mobile Machines of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (NASB), on 3 June.

The first Belarusian electric car based on a Geely model was presented in August 2017. Since then Belarusian scientists have also designed a minivan based on a Joylong car. An agreement on localizing the production of components has been reached with Joylong Company. It is the main stage in creating a truly Belarusian electric car. “This year we intend to focus on trials, benchmarks, and testing our own R&D products with regard to power electronics, motors, and batteries in the electric car. I think by the end of the year we will start gradually replacing all components of this electric car with Belarusian ones. We intend to make one car with only Belarusian components (the motor, power electronics, the battery) and present it before the public,” Aleksandr Belevich said.

The battery in the electric car based on a Geely model was initially in the trunk. “Now the battery is located under the car's body the way it is done virtually in all the electric cars. The battery uses only Belarusian electronics,” the official said. “Apart from that, we've used the car to test Belarusian super capacitors. They make the battery more efficient.”

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