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Over 150 Belarusian R&D products on display in China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone


Over 150 modern R&D products are showcased during the Made in Belarus exhibition in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone. The fact was pointed out by Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee of Belarus Aleksandr Shumilin during the exhibition's opening ceremony, BelTA has learned.

The official noted that the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone develops very fast and gets filled with concrete projects. “When the decision to set up the park was made, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and China President Xi Jinping said that the site should be used to create enterprises of the future, enterprises of tomorrow. Today our stand, which has been organized with assistance of the State Science and Technology Committee, features over 150 modern products presented by over 30 scientific institutions. The products include medications, new healthcare technologies, flying drones, and all kinds of scientific equipment,” Aleksandr Shumilin said.

“I see good prospects for investments in new projects,” Aleksandr Shumilin said.

One of the products on display is a lean manufacturing technology from Technology Center Smart Industry. It is designed to encourage real sector enterprises to embrace digital technologies and reduce manufacturing costs by 20-30%.

Regula Company has come up with a mobile document authenticator, which can convert a smartphone into a device able to verify the authenticity of documents. The product is designed to work with the app Regula Document Reader or the user's mobile app of their choice. The device is attached to the back of the smartphone and gets connected via Bluetooth.

The holding company BelOMO presented a LED device for dentistry applications as well as laser rangefinders and range-measurement modules, which can be integrated into optical and electronic devices and systems. The company also presented heat imagers and lenses, combination surveillance devices.

The exhibition Made in Belarus was opened in the trade and exhibition center in the China-Belarus industrial park Great Stone on 30 June. It is the first time the exhibition has been organized in Belarus. Over 90 Belarusian companies and enterprises are taking part in it. They present a broad range of export-oriented products and services for such industries as mechanical engineering, transport, logistics, power engineering, civil engineering, woodworking, science and technologies, telecommunications, pharmaceutics, food production, and services.

An exhibition of Chinese products organized by China Machinery Engineering Corporation was opened in the same trade and exhibition center simultaneously with the Made in Belarus exhibition. A permanent exhibition featuring products of Belarusian and Chinese companies was also opened by China Merchants Group. A total of about 250 companies from Belarus, China, and other countries have put their products on display as part of these exhibitions.

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