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Volozhin residents celebrate Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus


On July 3, the residents of Volozhin celebrated one of the main public holidays - the Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus.

This holiday is firmly entered not only in the official calendar of solemn dates, but also in the hearts of all who proudly call themselves Belarusians. Who cares and understands our common values: patriotism, citizenship, pride in our country, love for our small Motherland, our family.

July 5, another significant date for the residents of our city and region is 75 years of the liberation of Volozhin from the German fascist invaders. This heroic page of the Great Victory of our people remains forever a history, and a peaceful sky, a happy childhood, creative work will be the present and future of our country.

On this day, we, grateful descendants, pay tribute to the veterans living on the Volozhin land, people who taught courage to all of humanity who contributed to the nationwide cause - the Great Victory.

Unfortunately, time is inexorable. In our area there are only 16 witnesses of past distant military events. None of the veterans was left without attention. On the eve of the holiday, each veteran was presented with gifts from the regional organization “Belaya Rus”. In a warm atmosphere, veterans, who are already over 90, told about the difficult years of the war. They remembered friends, different military stories. And everyone's tears glittered. Tears of joy that they are alive and tears of sadness for those who did not return.

Activists of primary organizations joined the patriotic action “Belarus remembers”. Together with their children, pupils laid flowers to the monuments, obelisks and memorials.

Each of us realizes that the main wealth of the country is ourselves, the people who live in it. On this holiday, it has become a good tradition to honor the very elderly and the youngest citizen of our city.

Nadezhda Artemenko was born in 1920 and worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature all her life. Raised 3 children, has 6 grandchildren, 9 great-grandchildren, 2 great-great-grandchildren. She is the oldest resident of our city.

And on the eve of the holiday a wonderful girl was born in the family of Korsakov Sergey Grigorevich and Tatiana Ivanovna, who was named Ekaterina.

Elena Ivanovna Klachko wished health and a happy life to Nadezhda Ivanovna and little Ekaterine.

And on a holiday, activists of the Volozhinsky regional organization of the ROO Belaya Rus solemnly marched in a festive column across the main square of the city, thereby popularizing a public association.

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