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Two crews congratulated at once on the first thousand tons of grain in Kletsk region


On July 17, in the fields of OAO Kukhchitsy and KSUP Krasnaya Zvezda, Kletsk region, two crews were honored, who were the first in Minsk Oblast to make thousands of tons of grain and rapeseed.

Just briefly silenced the rumble of combines. Tractor-drivers of Kukhchitsy OJSC, Sergey Kostyukevich and Alexander Burak, were presented with letters of thanks, gifts and cash rewards by the Minsk Regional Trade Union Association Viktor Malinovsky and the Minsk Regional Trade Union of Agribusiness Workers Committee Mikhail Boda.

They also congratulated tractor driver Peter Makretsky, the assistant to the combine operator Alexander Demidch of the Krasnaya Zvezda breeding plant.

Congratulating the foremost workers, the chairman of the regional union of trade unions Viktor Malinovsky noted:

«We are together. And these are not just words, because together we actively prepared for the harvesting campaign, the necessary conditions were created for it to be successful. The work of the headquarters was organized: specialists, representatives of the trade union association, together with the social partners, toured and looked at how the equipment was being prepared for the harvesting, kept the organization of food under control. I want to note that the comments made by our inspectors were eliminated quickly. People work smoothly and clearly on the result».

The leading foremost workers, in an interview with journalists, admitted that to achieve such high results, it was enough for them to simply work well, so that the equipment would not let them down.

First Deputy Chairman of the Kletsk District Executive Committee Nikolai Leshik told about the progress of the harvesting campaign:

“Winter barley was sown in more than 500 hectares of land in Kletsk district, which made it possible to start harvesting a little earlier than usual. The winter barley has already been removed, and the farms have begun to harvest other winter crops: wheat, triticale.

In recent days, the main attention has been paid to rapeseed, because this is a crop whose harvesting period cannot be missed so as not to lose the crop. On the morning of July 17, rapeseed was harvested at 93% of the total area, the yield was over 30 centners per hectare in the district, and individual agricultural organizations achieved a yield of 55 centners per hectare. 11 thousand tons of oilseed rape have been milled, we expect within 500 tons per day. On the morning of July 17, the cereal grains were harvested from 1797 hectares, and more than 8,700 tons of grain were harvested. Work continues, we remove cereal grains, rape. At the same time, we are harvesting straw, we are trying to carry out this process quickly, in order to start preparing the land for sowing winter grain. The readiness of the combine park is 100%, all 77 combines are intact and are involved in harvesting, the grain drying facilities are also in full readiness. The district is fully staffed and personnel, 17 people were brought from the enterprises of the Kletsk district to assist in harvesting.”

In OAO Kukhchitsy, the harvest campaign this year started quite early. On June 25, winter grain crops began to be harvested, currently 22% have already been harvested from 444 hectares of land, the average yield was 69.9 centners per hectare.

“This year we staked on winter barley and obtained a yield of more than 76 centners per hectare,” said Sergey Zdrok, director of Kukhchitsy OJSC, “Worked well and in rapeseed, already exceeded the level of last year. We have withstood all the required technology and got the corresponding result. ”

Also, the head of the company, not without pride, told about the workers-leaders. For example, he noted that Sergey Kostyukevich was the first to thrash a thousand tons of grain last year, and also he was repeatedly honored on the Dyzhinki.

“I am proud of such an employee, with such no work is not terrible,” said Sergey Zdrok.

I am grateful to people for their work and responsible attitude to their work, and the director of the KSUP, The Red Star Breeding Plant. Alexander the King. He also told journalists about harvesting:

“The rapeseed area this year is 550 hectares, which is the same level as last year, however this year we plan to get a yield of 40 centners per hectare, and last year it was 28. Winter barley has already been harvested, the yield is not bad. Last year it was 56 centners per hectare, and this year - 72.9. This year's harvest is planned to be quite good compared to the past. The harvest area of ​​the grain this year is 3 thousand hectares. We plan to get grains of at least 55 centners per hectare, which means that the gross harvest will be about 15 thousand tons, which will ensure 100 percent livestock supply with concentrated feed.”

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