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Reconstruction of the most powerful power substation in Belarus will be completed by the end of 2020


On the territory of Starye Dorogi region, near the village of Solon, there is the most powerful substation in the country - 750 kV “Belorusskaya”.

This is the most important energy facility for the republic, which provides a reliable connection between regional energy systems.

The 750 kV Belorusskaya substation belongs to the main network of the integrated energy system of Belarus and ensures the reception and distribution of power flows through 330 kV overhead lines from Lukomlskaya SDPP, Berezovskaya SDPP, CHPP-4, CHPP-5, and also Smolensk NPP via a high-voltage line 750kV .

Today the substation is a link in the energy sector of Belarus, Russia and the Baltic countries.

In August 2016, at a meeting in Belenergo, it was decided to reconstruct the substation. The general designer of the project was RUE "Belenergosetproekt". The company Riko d.o.o. (Republic of Slovenia) was selected as the general contractor. She also performs the financing of the object. A contract was signed with the company, which provides for the supply of European equipment to Belarus and construction work at the facility.

At present, the “Belarusian” active reconstruction process is underway. To save precious time, materials and equipment flow to the construction site in a continuous stream, which are immediately used in work and installation.

Reconstruction should be completed before the end of 2020. This was discussed at the beginning of July during a visit by the Minister of Energy Viktor Karankevich to the base of Starodorozhsky district of electrical networks and the 750 kV Belorusskaya substation.

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