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New Year continues! 10-year installment plan to buy apartments in Minsk available till end of January


Thanks to the unbelievably lucrative offer from the real estate developer Dana Holdings – a zero-interest installment plan for up to ten years – thousands of families bought homes of their own last year. Due to multiple requests of the buyers the company is happy to make a festive offer: apartments in the residential estates Minsk World, Mayak Minska, and Park Chelyuskintsev can be bought by installment on the same terms and for the same prices only till the end of January!

How can you acquire an apartment in installments? All you have to do is make a down payment of at least 30% of the apartment's price and pay the rest every month in regular installments over the period of time you choose.

The maximum period of the payment by installments on promotional terms is 4 years for Park Chelyuskintsev, 5 years for Mayak Minska, and 10 years for Minsk World. By the way, you do not have to use your own money to make the down payment. A partner bank can lend up to Br40,000 as part of a special program. You can apply for the loan right in the sales department of Dana Holdings. You do not need income verification or guarantors to sign the installment plan and get the loan for the down payment. Just bring your passport! Everyone, who signs the contract to buy an apartment in any of the residential estates by 5 January, will get a magnificent gift! Go ahead and acquire modern real estate in promising areas in Minsk.

You will get not only comfortable apartments but an excellent investment – their price may rise up to €3,000-5,000 per m2 once construction is over! For instance, the price per square meter has already doubled in the residential estate Mayak Minska, which construction is nearing completion. Certainly, the price for real estate is also affected by proximity to metro stations and the availability of a sufficient number of parking lots. The latter is particularly important in Minsk. So, if there is a car park nearby, the market price for buying real estate goes up by 40% and for letting it – by 20%. All the residential estates of Dana Holdings have parking lots, including spacious car parks. The country's largest car park that can store 800 cars on nine levels was opened in the Minsk World complex in autumn. You can find out the details by dialing 7675 on a mobile or by visiting the sales department of Dana Holdings. We are open every day, including weekends and public holidays.

Hurry up since special New Year terms are in effect for buying apartments in the residential estates Minsk World and Park Chelyuskintsev these days. Have you ever dreamed of an apartment in the center of the capital with a huge park right at your doorstep? Then this offer is especially for you: a festive promo in House No. 2 of the Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex, which is located near Chelyuskintsev Park and the Botanical Gardens. All in all, this is more than 170 hectares of forest land, gardens, greenhouses and flower beds, and also the areas for games, recreation and sports! This is the heart of the capital city, next to Independence Avenue and two metro stations. Schools and kindergartens, polyclinics, shops and restaurants, cafes and cinema houses are in close proximity and also an aqua park, football pitches, tennis courts. In general, residents of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex will have all the opportunities to lead an active and healthy life. You can watch the progress in the construction of the residential complex thanks to a special video tour available on the developer's website. The prestige of the Park Chelyuskintsev residential complex is confirmed by such important factors as a fenced area and a modern video surveillance system. This will keep your family safe.

There are convenient parking lots for motorists. In one of the houses there is a warm underground parking which you can reach by elevator. Parents with young children will appreciate the built-in kindergarten with its own premises that harmoniously fits into the architectural solution of one of the houses of the apartment complex. It's very convenient! All over the world, be it New York, London, or Dubai, the concept of when everything you need is inside the compound is typical of luxury real estate. All this will be available to residents of the eco-friendly, prestigious and comfortable Park Chelyuskintsev complex! House No. 2 of the Park Chelyuskintsev complex has 25 storeys. This is the European-type property of comfort class, which uses modern architectural and technological solutions. All apartments are built to a base build concept.

You can choose the number of rooms and their size. Among the advantages is panoramic glazing, and also private outdoor terraces in the apartments on the second floor. Imagine the view! Here, on the roof above the parking lot, there will be children's playgrounds and recreation landscaped areas. This space will be completely safe. High-speed and quiet elevators OTIS will take you to the top of the building in a matter of seconds. An eco-style spacious and light lobby will feature a concierge stand, a guests welcome area, a baby changing station and a dog paw washer which will be appreciated by dog owners in autumn and winter. The Minsk World apartment complex is running an epic New Year's promo. The most large-scale multifunctional complex in Europe offers a wide selection of real estate to all tastes on particularly favorable festive terms! The Minsk World apartment complex is located virtually in the heart of the capital city. Two new metro stations and bus stops will be within a walking distance. Car owners can take advantage of numerous outdoor parking lots along the perimeter of the quarters and also of the multi-tier covered parking space. Schools and kindergartens will be built in every quarter.Safe playgrounds and workout areas will be equipped near every house. The complex will also feature polyclinics, and an international medical center. The international financial center Minsk World will be the business heart of the complex. Mara Mall, a big shopping center, will be built here as well. A huge modern park nearby will feature bicycle tracks that will connect all parts of the Minsk World complex. Thanks to a special video tour available on the developer's website, you can see how the construction of residential complex is progressing! The Minsk World residential complex has more than 20 houses on offer.

Each house has its own character and individuality. Yet, there are also common features. These are the advantages of the Dana Holdings projects that make the developer's offers particularly interesting! All apartments are built to a base build concept. The choice is great: from small studio apartments to huge penthouses on the upper floors or apartments with a separate entrance that gives a feeling of living in a townhouse. Another advantage is panoramic glazing. Apartments feature big floo-to-ceiling windows, glazed loggias, balconies, outdoor terraces. Every house is fitted with quiet and high-speed elevators from the world's leading producer OTIS. Some houses will feature panoramic elevators, which is a rare view for new builds in the city. The Minsk World architectural project provides for a spacious designer lobby in every house of the complex. The lobby features a concierge stand, a courier waiting area and a restroom with a baby changing station and a dog paw washer. There are also pram or bike storing boxes. Make a choice! Ways to finance the purchase are many! First of all, there is an opportunity to take advantage of an interest-free installment offer from the developer for the period of up to ten years. The initial installment equals around 30% of the total sum and can be paid with a loan from a partner bank. The rest is divided into equal parts and is paid monthly during the agreed period. No income verifications or guarantors are needed! The offering is valid through the end of January! Those who are ready to pay the total sum at once with their own resources or with the help of a bank loan will get a big discount.

Another advantage is an attractive loan program from the biggest banks that offer to loan up to 90% of the deal for the period of 20 years. For example, one program offers the interest rate of only 4.99% for the first year, another one offers the interest rate of 6.99% for the first two years. Do not put off buying an apartment in Minsk on extremely favorable terms! Since it is only until the end of January that the installment plan and the prices remain unchanged! Especially since it is exactly these days that the epic festive promos are running in the Minsk World and Chelyuskintsev Park complexes! Everyone who concludes a contract to purchase an apartment until 5 January will get an amazing gift from the developer! If you have been looking forward to a favorable opportunity to buy an apartment in the capital city, now is the right time! Visit us at the Dana Holdings sales office from 8.30 till 20.30 on working days and from 9.00 till 20.00 on any weekend or holiday day. We are waiting for you at 9 Mstislavets street, 1st floor, Dana Center, Vostok metro station in Minsk. Phone: 7675 (mobile), +375 17 269 32 30, +375 17 39-39-465. Make yourself a New Year's present! Start a New Year with a new apartment in Minsk!

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