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Belarus harvests one million tonnes of grain


Belarusian agrarians have cropped the first million tonnes of grain, Agriculture and Food Minister Anatoly Khotko said on 21 July at a ceremony to honor Gomel Oblast's first crews that harvested 1,000 tonnes of grain, BelTA has learned.

The minister noted that as of 21 July, Belarus had harvested over one million tonnes of grain crops. “All regions have embarked on harvesting already. The southern areas, including Brest Oblast, have cleared over 30% of area under crops. Gomel Oblast is proceeding at a good pace, too. The first million tonnes of grain crops shows that the harvesting effort has gained speed and should build momentum,” he said.

According to Anatoly Khotko, agricultural workers should clear 5% of cropping area every day as long as the weather is favorable. Industrial workers and agriculture students are also actively involved in the harvesting campaign.

The yield varies from region to region, because weather conditions were different this year. For example, Gomel Oblast had to replant crops as the first crops failed because of severe weather conditions.

According to the minister, dozens of crews have already cropped 1,000 tonnes of plants. “We have a good tradition of honoring the best crews and this tradition should go on,” Anatoly Khotko said. He believes that the good results are attributed to the efforts of brigade leaders, agronomists and other agricultural services.

Speaking about measures to support grain producers, the minister mentioned incentives and bonuses, as well as moral support.

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