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CEC reveals number of eligible voters in Belarus presidential election


The Central Election Commission has published the information on the number of voters in Belarus and abroad – 6,844,932, BelTA learned from the CEC website.

According to the CEC, there are 984,601 voters in Brest Oblast, 849,472 in Vitebsk Oblast and 1,069,567 in Gomel Oblast. Grodno Oblast has 751,084 voters, Minsk Oblast - 1,142,043 and Mogilev Oblast - 801,825. Most of them are in Minsk - 1,241,021.

5,319 Belarusians are expected to vote abroad.

A total of 5,767 polling stations have been set up for the Belarus presidential election. Forty-four of them are outside the country. They will work in the Belarusian embassies and consulates in 36 countries: Austria, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belgium, Bulgaria, the UK, Hungary, Venezuela, Vietnam, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Kazakhstan, Canada, China, Cuba, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, the USA, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Finland, France, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, and Estonia.

The House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus scheduled the presidential election for 9 August. According to the timetable, early voting is scheduled for 4-8 August. The Central Election Commission shall sum up results of the election on 19 August at the latest. If the second round of the election is necessary, it will take place within two weeks of the first one, that is on 23 August.

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